World’s Most and Least Powerful Passports for 2022

Have you ever wondered which nations have the most and lowest power holding passports this year? If so, you have come to the correct spot since this post will provide you with important information! Continue reading to become the most informed!

Did you know? The country’s passports are ranked based on the mobility scores, the number of countries that allow such passport users to enter their country without a visa, and those that would enable on-arrival visas. The compiled list of the 5 most and least powerful passport-holding countries is mentioned below and their statistics.

Top 5 Most Powerful Passports

Passport statuses of most countries change from time to time based on the country’s economy and overall status.

According to the latest statistics, 5 most powerful passports of 2022 are as follows:

Power Rank: 1

Power rank 1 refers to the top-ranked or most powerful passport of 2022.

United Arab Emirates (Mobility score: 169) – Emirati passport holders can now travel to over 115 countries without requiring a visa. Not only that, but 54 countries allow UAE citizens to obtain visas upon arrival rather than going through the lengthy visa process!

Power Rank: 2

The following countries will have the second most powerful passports in 2022.

  • Germany (Mobility score: 166) – Not only is Germany an excellent location to live due to its low cost of living, great railway systems, and beautiful surroundings, but it also allows people to travel to 121 other countries without a visa.
  • Sweden (Mobility score: 166) – Apart from the excellent tourist attractions, the country holds the second most powerful passport. It lets the passport holders go to 120 great destinations visa-free and 46 countries with on-arrival visas.
  • Finland (Mobility score: 166) – Finland is widely known for being the Happiest Country in the world and having the most incredible system of education and purest atmosphere on the globe. Finland passport holders can go to 120 different countries without any visa!
  • Luxembourg (Mobility score: 166) – Believe it or not, it is the world’s second-richest country, with a robust economy. According to the data for this nation, it is possible to travel to 120 countries without a visa, 46 countries with an on-arrival visa, and 32 countries that require a visa.
  • Spain (Mobility score: 166) – The country is well known for Spanish football, alcohol and drinks, and Mediterranean Beaches. The statistics of this country are the same as above!
  • France (Mobility score: 166) – France is well-known for its Eiffel Tower in Paris and lavender fields in Provence. It is a popular tourist attraction with museums, art exhibitions, and excellent dining. The figures are the same as in Luxembourg!
  • Italy (Mobility score: 166) – Italy is well-known for its hospitality, art cities, and breathtaking landscape. Italy is well-known for its dialect, opera, style, and luxury businesses. It is also well-known for having a football team! Again, the statistics are the same as in Luxembourg!
  • Netherlands (Mobility score: 166) – The Netherlands is a tiny country with several world-famous landmarks. Passport holders can go to 119 different countries without any visa and 47 countries with on-arrival visas.
  • Austria (Mobility score: 166) – Austria is well-known for its palaces, palaces, and other architectural marvels. The statistics for Austrian passport holders are the same as for the Netherlands.
  • South Korea (Mobility score: 166) – Heard of K-pop? Well, it is from South Korea! This country also holds the world’s second-best passport. The passport holders can go to 11 countries without any visa, 50 countries with on-arrival visas, and 32 countries with proper visa procedures!

Power Rank: 3

The following countries have the 3rd most powerful visa:

  • Denmark (Mobility score: 165) – Denmark is well-known for being the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, the location of the Little Mermaid monument, and the world’s Happiest Nation. Denmark passport holders can enter 119 countries without any visa!
  • Belgium (Mobility score: 165) – Belgium is famed for its sweets, waffles, wine, and the Red Devils, its national sports team. 118 countries allow Belgium passport holders to come directly with no visa. However, 47 countries allow on-arrival visas!
  • Portugal (Mobility score: 165) – Portugal is recognized for its traditional seafood meals, renowned beach resorts, and monuments from the mid-16th century when the kingdom was a formidable maritime empire. Statistics are the same as for Belgium!
  • Switzerland (Mobility score: 165) – Switzerland is well-known for its breathtaking mountain landscapes, high-end timepieces, and delectable milk chocolate. Switzerland passport holders can go to 117 countries with no visa!
  • Poland (Mobility score: 165) – It is the most popular country due to being rich in distinctive history and layout. Statistics include 116 visa-free countries, 49 visas on arrival, and 33 visa-required countries.
  • Ireland (Mobility score: 165) – Ireland is well-known for its breathtaking vistas of both land and sea. Passport holders can go to 113 countries visa-free and 52 countries with visas when they reach there.
  • United States of America (Mobility score: 165) – It is one of the world’s most powerful culture, governmental, and economic forces. Americans can go to 112 different countries with no visa at all.
  • New Zealand (Mobility score: 165) – New Zealand is well-known for its national rugby team and beautiful environment. Statistics include 110 visa-free and 55 countries’ on-arrival visa requirements.

Power Rank: 4

The countries having the world’s fourth most powerful passports include:

  • Norway and Malta both have the same stats (117 countries with no visa and 47 with on-arrival visa opportunities)
  • Japan, Greece, and the Czech Republic (entry to 116 countries with no visa and 48 on-arrival visas)
  • Hungary (entry to 115 countries with no visa and 49 on-arrival visas)
  • United Kingdom (entry to 114 countries with no visa and 50 on-arrival visas)
  • Australia (entry to 107 countries with no visa and 57 on-arrival visas).

All these countries mentioned about power rank 4 have mobility scores of 164.

Power Rank: 5

The fifth most powerful passport-holding countries are 3 in number and are as follows:

  • Singapore (Mobility score: 163) – Singapore is well-known for being a worldwide financial hub, having one of the globe’s most densely inhabited areas, and having a world-style city airport with a cascade. The passport holders can go to 127 different countries with no visa at all!
  • Lithuania (Mobility score: 163) – It is famous for its scenery, plains, forestry, rivers, and marches. Lithuania passport allows people to go to 115 countries visa-free and provides a chance to go to 48 unique spots with an on-arrival visa.
  • Canada (Mobility score: 163) – Canada is a country full of iconic sites, historical marvels, delicious cuisine, unique cultures, and endless adventurous activities. Statistics include 112 no visa countries and 51 on-arrival countries.

5 Least Powerful Passports

The 5 least powerful passport-holding countries are as follows:

Power Rank: 88

One country has rank 88 according to the 2022 statistics that are:

  • Palestinian territories (Mobility score: 46) – It also has delicious cuisine, exceptional beverages, vast landscapes, hundreds of years old artefacts, medieval cities, and the famed Dead Sea. Palestinian passport holders can enter 11 countries without a visa!

Power Rank: 89

The fourth least powerful passport-holding country is:

  • Yemen (Mobility score: 43) – It has the world’s oldest skyscrapers city. Only 9 countries allow entry for Yemen passport holders without a visa. 35 countries allow on-arrival visas.

Power Rank: 90

2 countries come under power rank 90 that are:

  • Somalia (Mobility score: 41) – Somalia offers its own set of fantastic attractions, distinct customs, and intriguing geographic features. 9 countries can be visited with no requirement of a visa.
  • Pakistan (Mobility score: 41) – Pakistan is well-known for its diversified food, rich culture, and historical legacy. It is well-known for its mangoes and tea, and legendary Pakistani friendliness. 6 countries allow visafree entry, whereas 35 countries allow on-arrival visa advantage.

Power Rank: 91

Second last countries, according to the passport power holders in the list, are as follows:

  • Iraq (Mobility score: 37) – Iraq is well-known for its beautiful handicrafts, which include mats and rugs, among many other items.
  • Syria (Mobility score: 37) – Syria is one of the world’s oldest civilizations, with a rich artistic and cultural legacy.

Both of them allow their passport holders to visit 6 countries without needing any visa, 31 countries with an on-arrival visa, and 161 by undergoing standard visa getting procedure.

Power Rank: 92

The rank 92 is given to the least powerful passport-holding country.

  • Afghanistan (Mobility score: 35) – The country is quite reputable because of the beautiful scenery. However, passport holders can only go to 4 countries visa-free. The countries that need such passport holders to go through the lengthy visa acquiring process are 163 in number.


Above is a compiled list of the World’s 5 most and least powerful passports according to 2022 latest statistics. The United Arab Emirates has made a massive achievement by keeping its place at number 1 on the list.

Remember that each country is unique and famous for something and is worth giving a visit regardless of their passport power status!

We hope you learned something beneficial about various countries and where they stand according to their passport status. Do revisit our site for more informative articles! Thank you!

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