Investment in real estate

Starts from $400,000

Acquiring real estate in Türkiye is one of the options for obtaining citizenship by investment in Türkiye. According to the current regulations, an individual must purchase real estate in Türkiye with a minimum value of $400,000 in order to be eligible for citizenship.

Fixed capital contribution

Starts from $450,000

One of the options for obtaining residency in Türkiye is to make a fixed capital contribution of at least $500,000. This type of investment allows individuals to obtain citizenship status in Türkiye.

Foreign currency or Turkish lira investment

Starts from $500,000

To be eligible for Citizenship in Türkiye, commit at least $500,000 or equilavalent foreign currency or Turkish lira into any of the following; government bonds, real estate investment fund share, venture capital investment fund share or a private pension system for 3 years.

Create jobs for Turkish people

At least 50 jobs

Creating jobs for at least 50 people is one of the options for obtaining citizenship by investment in Türkiye. According to the current regulations, an individual can be eligible for Turkish citizenship if they create jobs for at least 50 people and provide proof of this through a certificate issued by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services.

Key Benefits
No stay requirements

Türkiye makes it simple to qualify for and obtain citizenship because there is no requirement to reside there.

Visa-free access to 111 destinations

With a Türkiye passport, you will get Visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 111 destinations including Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore.

High standard of living

Gain citizenship in a nation that boasts a temperate Mediterranean climate, stunning landscapes, and a high quality of life.

Family eligibility

The applicant and their family members are granted full citizenship in Türkiye.

E-2 Investor Visa in the USA

Qualification for a 5-year renewable E-2 Investor Visa in the United States of America with Turkish citizenship.

Access to a transcontinental Eurasian country

Gain entry to a stable economic, financial, and political hub that connects Europe, Western Asia, and the Middle East, and spans both Europe and Asia.

Dual Citizenship

Citizens of Türkiye are allowed to possess dual citizenship or passports and receive support in different aspects of life.


From the Aegean and Mediterranean shores to the high plateaus of Anatolia and the mountain ranges in the Black Sea region, the nation has a diversified geography. Turkey is renowned for its delectable cuisine, lively culture, and warm inhabitants.

Turkey is home to about 84 million people, with Istanbul serving as both the nation's capital and largest metropolis. Turkish is the official language and the Turkish lira is the national currency.

The process of getting Turkish citizenship through financial investment in the nation is referred to as citizenship by investment in Turkey. Making a fixed monetary donation, buying real estate, or creating jobs are just a few ways to invest in Turkey and gain citizenship.

There are certain restrictions for each option, such as minimum investment levels, goals for employment creation, and ceilings on real estate value. For the most recent information and advice, it's crucial to thoroughly investigate your choices and speak with a local immigration lawyer or consultant.

Turkish citizenship by investment comes with a number of advantages, including visa-free travel to other nations, access to a stable economic, financial, and political hub that connects Europe, Western Asia, and the Middle East, and the chance to live and work in a nation with a rich cultural history and stunning scenery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, individuals with a criminal record are not eligible for Turkish citizenship by investment.

Individuals with a criminal record may not be eligible for citizenship through the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program.

The process of obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment can take anywhere from a few months to a year, depending on the speed of processing and the completeness of the application.

Yes, the Turkish citizenship by investment program is safe and secure. The government of Turkey thoroughly reviews all applications to ensure that they are legitimate and in line with the country's regulations.

No, it is not necessary to live in Turkey to maintain Turkish citizenship.

The benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment include the ability to live, work, and study in Turkey, access to the country's healthcare system, visa-free travel to over 100 countries, and the ability to participate in the country's political and social life.

The main requirements for obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment are to make a property investment in Turkey worth at least $400,000 or to deposit $500,000 in a Turkish bank for a minimum of three years.

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