Greece’s ‘Golden Visa’ has seen increasing popularity over the past year, becoming the programme of choice for individuals wishing to gain residency in the EU, especially when compared to its other European counterparts such as Malta and Cyprus.  In 2020 alone, Greece saw over 8,000 applications, the highest number of issuances within Europe, which compared […]

Grenada offers one of the most popular CBI programmes globally, which is with no doubt down to the fact it offers its citizens significant global mobility in terms of travel. Grenada’s passport is the 33rd most powerful passport globally, allowing access to over 144 countries worldwide. With that being said, we can identify several categories […]

Turkey citizenship by investment programme has been progressively popular, with a 1000% increase in approved applications over the last few years. This is no doubt partly due to the global mobility that the Turkish passport offers.  Whilst it may not be as strong as the Caribbean passport,  it still enables its citizens to access over […]

Citizenship by investment gives individuals and their families endless opportunities, including, but not limited to, global visa- free travel, free, world class education and healthcare, as well as attractive tax benefits. Yet, these programmes can be very expensive. Whilst the prices for citizenship by investment programmes can vary depending on personal circumstances, needs and requirements, […]

As of Sunday the 8th of August, the UAE will be downgraded from Red to Amber, with India, Qatar and Bahrain also being downgraded to Amber. This means that non-UK residents from these countries will now be able to travel to the country, whilst UK citizens and residents will face less restrictions with no isolation […]

Late last year, Malta’s government announced that they will be making significant changes to their Citizenship by Investment policy, the Maltese Exceptional Investment Naturalisation Policy (MEIN) for which they have recently laid out the stringent criteria.  MEIN allows citizens from outside of the EU a route to Maltese citizenship through making a significant investment into […]

With some of the world’s best healthcare systems, educational institutions, and outstanding standards of living, Europe is a very desirable place to live and settle down. With that being said, these benefits generally require individuals and their families to live there and gain a residency permit. The good news is that several European countries offer, […]