There are so many amazing things about Portugal, that it is no wonder that it has been consistently named as one of the top places to retire. From the extremely welcoming people, the amazing food, the vibrant culture, and the beautiful nature and landscapes, this idyllic European nation is a fantastic place to spend time to unwind. Whilst there are a countless number of reasons to choose from, here are our top picks on why you should retire to Portugal. 

Perfect climate

The weather in Portugal is just perfect. WIth hot sunny summers, and mild winters make it enjoyable year-round. It never gets too hot, or too cool. Whilst it does have a rainy season throughout December, it comes as a welcome relief as well as ensuring that the luscious Portuguese countryside remains green! 

Affordable living 

Portugal has a low cost of living, with everything from groceries to shopping being very affordable. Residents are able to get a lot for their money in terms of property, especially in regards to the growing trend of heritage style villas in the country.
Restaurants are also inexpensive, meaning going out for dinner can be a regular treat for residents, especially when the food in Portugal are so good! 

Amazing culture

Palacio da Pena – Sintra, Lisboa, Portugal, Europe. Most beautiful castles of Europe – Pena palace in summer.

Portugal is known for its laid back, relaxing style of living, with a very easy pace of life. It can be said that it is one of the easiest places in the world to feel at home in such a short time. Its residents are warm and friendly, making it a very welcoming place. Even if you are not Portuguese, you will never feel like a stranger. If you live in Portugal you are part of the country.
The other great thing about Portugal is that it is very safe, with it ranking highly in the country crime index. This means that residents can feel safe working around, both at night and during the day. 

A great lifestyle 

The best place to live and chill in a safe and comfortable environment, the easiest place in the world to feel at home in such a short time. Even if you are not Portuguese, you will never feel like a stranger. If you live in Portugal you are part of the country, people are really welcoming. Residents can also enjoy attractive tax incentives, meaning people living in Portugal can have much greater control over their finances, leaving more money to enjoy all the delights Portugal has to offer. 

Gorgeous food

portion of meat with fries and fried yucca, onion with vegetables and peppers

Food is a big part of Portuguese culture. The local cuisine focuses around food that is in season, making it fresh and healthy. Grilled, fresh seafood and meat teamed with lots of fresh salad and vegetables are a staple of Portuguese food. Anyone going to Portugal must try one of the country’s best delicacies, Polvo à la lagareiro, a delightful octopus dish you will be able to find all across the country.  

Stunning beaches

Beautiful seascape bay with serpentine steps. Portugal, Carvoeiro.

A beautiful country with a lot of amazing beaches, many of whom would argue are some of the best in the world. Praia De Marinha in the Algarve boasts soft golden sand, crystal clear waters and stunning limestone cliffs which feature some magical hidden caves. Whilst the Algarve coast has some of Portugal’s most famous beaches, in fact, there are many hidden gems all along the Portuguese coastline, just waiting for people to discover them. 

As you can see, there are so many amazing reasons to retire in Portugal. It is affordable, yet offers a relaxing and enjoyable way of life that is perfect for spending your golden years. There are so many wonderful things about Portugal, that we cannot name them all, you will just have to go there and experience it for yourself!

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