There are many routes to gaining European citizenship, but one way that is becoming increasingly popular is residency by investment, popularly known as a ‘Golden Visa’ programme. Residency by investment programmes allow applicants become a permanent resident of the host country, providing they make a significant investment into the country’s economy, most commonly in the form of a Real Estate Purchase.  Here is a list of the European countries that currently offer a residency by investment programme. 


Through investing a minimum of EUR300,000 in Cypriot real estate, non-european applicants are eligible to get fast tracked Cypriot residency. A beautiful country that has year round temperate climates, this programme takes around 2 months and allows individuals and their families to permanently reside in this beautiful and historic island nation. Those that have permanent residency status can enjoy attractive tax benefits, allowing them to maximise their wealth preservation and tax optimisation for both their family and business.


Our most popular ‘Golden Visa’’ or residency by investment programme, individuals are able to gain permanent residency through investing in Portuguese  real estate through a government approved bond. Enabling our clients to receive permanent residency within 6 months. One of the major benefits of the Portugal PR programme is that it only requires the applicant to reside in the country for 7 days per year.  What’s more, Portuguese residents can also enjoy visa free travel throughout the Schengen Area. This programme is also a route to gaining Portuguese citizenship, with individuals able to apply for a Portuguese passport, and subsequently European citizenship, within a 5 year period. 


In order to become a permanent resident of this beautiful mediterranean country, individuals must invest a minimum of EUR 500,000 in real estate, shares, or launch a business venture. One key benefit of this programme is that there is no stay requirement, although individuals do need to visit at least once within the first year in order to provide their biometric data. The residency programme takes 2 months, with the permit lasting 1 year, which can then be renewed providing the applicant maintains their investment in the country. Residents can enjoy freedom of travel throughout the Schengen Area. 


The Greek residency programme is one of the shortest and most straightforward programmes, with there being no stay requirement and taking only 30-50 days for applicants to secure their residency visa. In order to be eligible for the visa, the applicant must invest at least EUR 250,000 in real estate, with the permit then lasting 5 years. Like many of the other European programmes, this programme allows visa free travel throughout the Schengen Area. 


With one of the lowest taxation rates in Europe, Malta’s residency by investment programme is highly attractive. Applicants must make a mixed investment into the country, including a real estate investment and a government donation. As part of the Schengen zone, residents have visa free travel to the 26 other member states. 

For more information about European residency and the routes of obtaining it, then do not hesitate in contacting one of our expert advisors, who will be able to walk you through the process and the different options available. 

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