One of the core benefits of a Vanuatu passport is the visa-free countries it can give individuals access to. Despite being one of the newer programmes, Vanuatu has become an increasingly popular option as citizenship by investment programme. Visa-free countries  The Vanuatu passport offers visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 113 countries including the United Kingdom, Singapore […]

Citizenship by investment gives individuals and their families endless opportunities, including, but not limited to, global visa- free travel, free, world class education and healthcare, as well as attractive tax benefits. Yet, these programmes can be very expensive. Whilst the prices for citizenship by investment programmes can vary depending on personal circumstances, needs and requirements, […]

Until recently, the idea of swapping the workplace for a remote paradise was only possible with a vacation, but this is increasingly not the case. With work becoming increasingly online, there is becoming less of a need to physically go into the office, with more people opting to work from home. A laptop, a secure […]

UK residency offers a wide range of benefits for both the applicant and their family. This includes free healthcare under the NHS, free education for dependants under the age of 18, as well as access to world-class higher education and universities. The benefits for business opportunities are wide-reaching, from the world financial hub of the […]