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Schedule a free consultation with one of our advisors to assess your eligibility for your programme and collect the necessary documents for pre-approval.


Once the process has been initiated our team will issue a document checklist and immediately start the business plan preparation.


When the Business plan is complete this will be submitted to a UK Government Endorsement body for approval who will issue an approval letter.


Once the case file is completed, the application will be submitted to the UK Home Office for visa approval.


The visa will grant you 3 years of residency after which you and your family will be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Frequently Asked Questions

As the main applicant, you are only allowed to be directly employed by the business you have your innovator visa with, although you are allowed to establish multiple businesses. Your spouse however has zero restrictions and is allowed to work full-time in the UK for any business.

Yes, Innovator Visa does fall under the Tier 1 category, although it is mostly referred to as the Innovator Visa.

In order to receive an Innovator Visa endorsement, you have to apply to an endorsement body with your business plan proposal. In order to grant your approval, the endorsement body is looking at 4 key parts of your proposal – innovation, sustainability, scalability and viability and of course your CV to prove you are capable of making your proposed business a success.

Applying for a Start-up is a great option for those who do not have enough funds or knowledge available, as there is no minimum investment amount required. Plus, you can work full time in the UK to help support and fund your startup business. The downside however, is that it's only a 2-year visa and does not count towards gaining the ILR (P.R).
Should you have the funds and knowledge available within your business's industry then you can skip the Start-up process and go straight for the Innovator Visa. Both categories require you to have an endorsement body approve your idea.

There are currently around 59 UK endorsement bodies currently spanning a number of different industries. Choosing an endorsement body is something we will help guide clients with as part of our service.

The Innovator Visa lasts 3 years and is eligible to be for renewal as long as the business is active and the endorsement body continues to endorse you.

Yes, minimum 185-days per year (non-consecutive).

No, you can not work full-time, however, you could invest in multiple other businesses should you wish.

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