Ideally situated in the Mediterranean, Greece has a rich history dating back to ancient times that has significantly influenced the language, arts, philosophy and politics of the modern world.  The country is regarded as one of the world’s top holiday destinations, with it ranked as the 7th most visited country in the European Union and 16th in the world.

It is a very affordable country

Greece is a very affordable country to live in, both in terms of the cost of day to day living, and in terms of house prices. Transport, food and other daily living expenses are much cheaper compared to other places in Europe. Whilst the country does have areas can be considered tourist traps where prices are vastly inflated, if you are sensible about where you go, such as shopping at the local markets, use the very accessible public transport system, and eat out at where all the Greeks go, you will find that the country is a very cost-effective place to live. 

The perfect weather

Greek weather is one of the big draws for many people deciding to move to the country. With summers filled with plenty of sun and mild days in the winter, Greece is the perfect spot for if you want to spend your days relaxing at one of the many stunning beaches the nation has to offer. If you are on the lookout for getting as much sun as possible then the islands of Rhodes, Crete or Santorini are definitely the spots to go for. 

A very relaxing Mediterranean lifestyle 

Laid back living and the love of the outdoors are two big things that make up Greek culture. The locals are very friendly people and with tourism playing a big part of the economy, English is widely spoken throughout the country. Your new neighbours are sure to welcome you to the country with open arms. If you are starting to miss home, then the country is home to a big expat community, especially amongst retirees, so you will not be alone if you do decide to move.  

Interesting History 

Greece has a fascinating history, with Ancient Greece having huge influence over the world, often being considered the foundation of western civilisation. Each little street and road in Greece is filled with history. There is so much to do and see, whether it’s the Acropolis in Athens, the UNESCO listed Meteora monastery, or the Olympian temple of Zeus, you would have to live in the country to be able to see it all! 

Amazing Greek food

Olives, seafood, hummus, gyros, souvlaki, and baclava are just some of the delectable foods that Greece is famous for. The country really is a foodies heaven. You will be happy to know that there are many local taverns that serve up delicious feasts along with local wines at a very affordable price. 

If you are interested in moving to Greece and becoming a resident of the country, then we can help.  Contact one of our residency specialists today, who will be able to help guide you through the process. 

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