With its primary industry being tourism, St. Kitts & Nevis, like many of the other Caribbean nations, was affected hard by the Coronavirus pandemic, which saw a halt to global travel.
In order to kickstart the country’s economy again, the island’s government worked hard at developing a solution that would enable the country to reopen its borders and see the return of tourist activity in a safe and sustainable way. The government has implemented a comprehensive list of travel requirements as well as a several step process, for tourists wishing to visit the country.

Step 1

72 hours prior to travelling, tourists must submit a negative PCR test result, alongside a KNA travel form and proof of booking at a travel approved hotel. After this has been done, tourists will then receive an approval letter for entry into the country. It should be noted that persons with saliva, at-home or antigen tests will not be granted entry.

Step 2

Upon arriving on the island, travelers must undergo a health check. If there are any possible symptoms, then visitors will be asked to take a PCR. For the first two weeks of their stay guests must quarantine, or “vacation in place” at their hotel. Whilst the guests can move around the hotel property and partake in activities within the grounds, they will not be allowed to leave the hotel within the first week. Guests will undergo serial testing on day 7 and 14 of their stay.

Step 3

For tourists that test negative on day 7, they will be allowed to participate in select tours around the island that will take them to the must see sights of Basseterre, Timothy Hill Overlook and Brimstone Hill Fortress.

Step 4

Providing they test negative on day 14, tourists will then be able to move freely throughout the island unrestricted and fully enjoy all that the island has to offer. After completing their stay, all travellers will be required to take an exit PCR test 48-72 hours prior to their departure.

This response from the government is an extremely important step towards a sense of normality, both for the people of St. Kitts & Nevis, as well as for people around the globe who are looking for a much needed vacation. The country has shown in the last few months a way to successfully reintroduce tourism into the country and has helped set an example to the rest of the region on how to undertake a safe tourism reopening despite the challenges of Covid-19.

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