UK Sole Business Representative Visa

For employees of a company looking to expand their operations overseas

You can apply to enter the UK as a Representative of an Overseas Business if you are outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, and you are a senior manager that plans on becoming the sole representative for a company which is going to be expanding to the UK. 
This visa allows applicants to enter the UK for an initial period of three years, which can then be extended for a further two years. After five continuous years in which the applicant has resided in the UK for at least 185 days each year, they would then be applicable to gain permanent residence and therefore eligible for a British passport.

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Key Information

What this visa allows

  • You can stay in the country for 3 years, plus an additional 2 year extension
  • You can work for your employer full time
  • You can bring your family and dependents
  • You are eligible for permanent settlement status after 5 years

What this visa doesn't allow

  • You cannot be self-employed or work for another business
  • You are unable to remain should your status as a sole business representative change
  • You cannot switch to this visa from any other category
  • You do not have access to public funds


  • Excellence standards of free public education
  • An outstanding free national health care system
  • The strength and security of a British passport for you and your family
  • Visa free travel across the world
  • A diverse and multicultural society
  • One of the greatest financial and business friendly hubs in the world
  • Attractive tax regime for high net individuals classed as UK resident, non-domicile


Anyone outside of the EEA and Switzerland, who would be the sole representative of a pre-existing business that’s principal place of business and headquarters are outside of the UK.    

As long as you are not a majority shareholder, you are still eligible for the visa. 

You must hold a senior position in the company and have full authority to make decisions on the companies behalf as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to undertake the role.

Yes, you must pass a English IELTS exam before getting this visa.

No, but you must be able to support yourself throughout the duration of your time in the UK, without needing public funds. 

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