With visa-free travel often being touted as a benefit of UK residency visas, it begs the question, which countries can UK residents travel to? Whilst UK citizenship affords visa-free access to over 180 different nations worldwide, UK residency is somewhat more restrictive. With that being said, a person with permanent residency in the UK, depending […]

Spain’s ‘Golden Visa’ programme is a residency by investment programme that is getting an increasing amount of attention. Since the inception of the programme in 2013, it has brought in over $3 billion in foreign investment. It has proven especially popular with Russians and Chinese investors, who make up 25% and 37% of applicants, respectively.  […]

Okay so you have received your visa to live in the UK, and you have settled down for several years and you have decided you want to become a permanent resident and receive settled status, the next question you should be asking is ‘How to apply for a UK settlement visa?’. Well, provided you meet […]

Greece’s residency programme’ has seen increasing popularity over the past year, becoming the programme of choice for individuals wishing to gain residency in the EU, especially when compared to its other European counterparts such as Malta and Cyprus. In this full guide to Greek residency programmes, we go through everything you need to know about becoming […]

As of Sunday the 8th of August, the UAE will be downgraded from Red to Amber, with India, Qatar and Bahrain also being downgraded to Amber. This means that non-UK residents from these countries will now be able to travel to the country, whilst UK citizens and residents will face less restrictions with no isolation […]

With some of the world’s best healthcare systems, educational institutions, and outstanding standards of living, Europe is a very desirable place to live and settle down. With that being said, these benefits generally require individuals and their families to live there and gain a residency permit. The good news is that several European countries offer, […]

Ideally situated in the Mediterranean, Greece has a rich history dating back to ancient times that has significantly influenced the language, arts, philosophy and politics of the modern world.  The country is regarded as one of the world’s top holiday destinations, with it ranked as the 7th most visited country in the European Union and […]

There are many routes to gaining European citizenship, but one way that is becoming increasingly popular is residency by investment, popularly known as a ‘Golden Visa’ programme. Residency by investment programmes allow applicants become a permanent resident of the host country, providing they make a significant investment into the country’s economy, most commonly in the […]