Until recently, the idea of swapping the workplace for a remote paradise was only possible with a vacation, but this is increasingly not the case. With work becoming increasingly online, there is becoming less of a need to physically go into the office, with more people opting to work from home. A laptop, a secure wifi connection and a phone are just about all you need for a modern job – and these are things that can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world. It is therefore no wonder that many people are using this to their advantage, becoming digital nomads and deciding to move to sunnier, more attractive locations or travel around to conduct their work.

Why do people decide to have a digital nomad lifestyle? One of the great benefits about being a digital nomad is that you are not held back by the constraints of daily commutes or a typical 9-5 working day. There is no set schedule for digital nomads, they are able to have much greater control over their lives, choosing their hours and where they want to be, allowing them to channel their work through their adventures and experiences and choose a schedule that’s best for them.

With that being said, being a digital nomad does come with its fair share of challenges.  Being a digital nomad does not mean that you are on holiday 24/7. A key aspect of being able to make this lifestyle work, is the ability to work while you travel. Whilst it may be tempting to spend your time exploring or being a regular tourist, the truth is you need to be able to support yourself, otherwise the experience might be fun, but short lived. It therefore requires a lot of self motivation and personal drive.  Whilst digital nomads have built a good community worldwide, and are a great way to meet new people, it can also be a difficult lifestyle spending so much time away from your friends and family from ‘back home’. 

What’s more,one of the big constraints for many people around the world is lack of mobility. Due to the strength of their passport, they lack the freedom to travel where and when they want. To truly be a digital nomad means to be location independent and be able to travel freely. As such, more individuals are turning to getting a second passport in order to make their dream a reality. 

There are many beautiful countries that have citizenship programmes that offer high standards of living for low costs. For those wishing to live in Europe,  Greece offers an excellent standard of living as well as providing free healthcare to its citizens. Greek permanent residency also allows individuals to live and work visa free anywhere in the Schengen Zone, giving you the freedom to travel freely throughout Europe. 

Several Caribbean nations offer CBI programmes, allowing individuals the opportunity for a luxury island escape. With beautiful beaches, gorgeous year round weather and a more laid back and relaxed pace of life, where else could be a better place to work from? Not only are these countries beautiful to live in but citizenship in the Caribbean allows visa free travel to over 180 countries.  This gives its citizens greater freedom to travel whenever they wish, allowing them to travel and see the world whilst still maintaining a ‘regular’ job. 

Another attractive benefit of CBI programmes is the fact they can offer better wealth optimisation and tax efficiency. Many citizenship programmes offer generous breaks on income, capital gains, global income taxation and inheritance tax. This allows individuals to have more freedom over their financial matters, including the opportunity to open offshore and international bank accounts in the likes of Switzerland, UK and many more. By choosing where you want to work from, you get more control over your financial future, letting you choose the country that suits your needs the best and potentially save you a lot of money. 

If you want to know more about how you can gain global mobility through a second passport, then contact one of our immigration advisors today for a free consultation. 

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