Late last year, Malta’s government announced that they will be making significant changes to their Citizenship by Investment policy, the Maltese Exceptional Investment Naturalisation Policy (MEIN) for which they have recently laid out the stringent criteria.  MEIN allows citizens from outside of the EU a route to Maltese citizenship through making a significant investment into […]

Global mobility, financial freedom and family security – these are just some of the reasons why individuals get second passports, with real estate investment being one of the most popular options.   Whilst gaining citizenship to a second country may seem like a rare occurrence, it is a practice that many nationalities must adopt. The second […]

What’s the difference between various citizenship programs The world is becoming more globalised each day, which has rested in the need for more people to become global citizens. This is something that has become easier with governments of many countries now offering ‘golden visas’ and citizenship by investment. With the rise in popularity of ‘golden […]