Cyprus Residency

With a population of around 1.1 million, Cyprus offers a wealth of historical culture and diverse modern day infrastructure. An attractive destination for both businesses and tourists, Cyprus offers residents a relaxing Mediterranean lifestyle with a relatively low cost of living. Cyprus has some of the best weather across Europe all year round, with more than 340 days of sun per annum, warm Mediterranean summers followed by mild winters.

Cyprus also boasts the lowest crime rates in Europe, and high quality healthcare and excellent secondary and tertiary education; along with one of the highest Human Development Index scores in Europe. A modern, service based economy, Cyprus offers businesses, investors and families a safe and stable environment to grow and thrive. Part of both the EU and British commonwealth Cyprus follows British Law and offers a GDP of EUR 28,000 per Capita. Historically the British Armed forces have made good use of Cyprus strategic location; connecting Western Europe with Asia and the middle east and Africa – Cyprus makes an ideal travel hub for the modern day global citizen.


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The Benefits

  • Spouse, dependant children and parents can be included in the application
  • Ideally located with easy access to Europe, Middle-East, Asia and Northern Africa
  • Access to free world class healthcare and education
  • Lowest corporation taxes in the EU making it an ideal location for international business and generational planning.
  • No global income tax or inheritance tax
  • Full rights to reside in Cyprus.
  • Can lead to citizenship

The process in the first 6 months


Visit Cyprus


Open Cyprus Bank account


Choose your preferred property


Submit the application


Receive final approval


Travel to Cyprus to collect your PR card

Key Information

  • The application procedure is highly efficient, within two months
  • There is a high approval rate if all criteria are satisfied
  • It is not necessary to reside in Cyprus, but a visit once every two years is required
  • Dependents can be enrolled in high-quality private schools, offering English language courses
  • Residence applies to the whole family (applicant, spouse, and children under 18 years old)
  • Dependent children between 18–25 and parents of the applicant are also eligible
  • However, a visit is required for biometric capturing

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