National Transformation Fund (NTF)

Starts from $150,000

This fund supports various projects throughout Grenada, covering a wide range of different industries that aims to stimulate economic development within the country. Single Applicants must contribute at least $150,000 to the fund and a family of 4 is $200,000

Real estate investment

Starts from $200,000

Applicants must invest $200,000 into a government approved real estate project for a 5 year minimum holding period, after which there are exit options available providing the possibility to realise capital gain on the investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you can include qualified members of your family in the application or add them after you have obtained your citizenship for an additional fee. A qualified family member can be a child not older than 18 years, a child up to 30 years old that is financially dependent, parents above 55 years old and siblings above 18 years old.

The Grenada Government does not require you to pass any interviews, language tests or have previous work experience to be able to apply for this program.

You are not required to visit Grenada before obtaining your citizenship, you are, however, welcome to visit and explore the country.

No, the passport of Grenada is not yet issued as a biometric passport, also known as an ePassport.

The new biometric passport of Grenada has 36 pages with each page containing watermarks depicting national images.

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