Grenada offers one of the most popular CBI programmes globally, which is with no doubt down to the fact it offers its citizens significant global mobility in terms of travel. Grenada’s passport is the 33rd most powerful passport globally, allowing access to over 144 countries worldwide. With that being said, we can identify several categories […]

Turkey citizenship by investment programme has been progressively popular, with a 1000% increase in approved applications over the last few years. This is no doubt partly due to the global mobility that the Turkish passport offers.  Whilst it may not be as strong as the Caribbean passport,  it still enables its citizens to access over […]

Late last year, Malta’s government announced that they will be making significant changes to their Citizenship by Investment policy, the Maltese Exceptional Investment Naturalisation Policy (MEIN) for which they have recently laid out the stringent criteria.  MEIN allows citizens from outside of the EU a route to Maltese citizenship through making a significant investment into […]

The Caribbean is home to several beautiful island nations, known for its stunning natural beauty, pristine beaches, lovely weather, and its citizenship by investment programmes. These Caribbean countries are known for their attractive Citizenship by Investment programmes – the programmes are very similar, there are some distinct differences that will impact your final decision. For […]

The pandemic has shown that the strength of a passport is not just related to the number of countries a citizen can travel to visa free. With major disruptions to global travel, governments making major changes to their taxation policies, as well as general economic uncertainty, the market for second passports has seen a huge […]