Which Countries Offer Work Permits Or Citizenship By Investment?

Citizenship by Investment is a great way to secure second citizenship. Investors can avail this opportunity through different investment options. Real estate, government bonds, business establishment, and fund development are the proficient options in this regard.

 More than 50 countries around the globe offer Citizenship by Investment program. Suppose you’re struggling to find the easiest to get the Citizenship by Investment programme. This article will serve you well to a great extent.

What Is Citizenship By Investment?

Citizenship by Investment is a process to get the passport and citizenship of another country by investing some money in the country’s economy. Citizenship by Investment is becoming popular the following year because of its quick approval method.

 Citizenship gets approved quickly as compared to its traditional routine. The time required for citizenship approval usually takes about two months. However, approval time varies from country to country.

Figure 1. Citizenship By Investment

Why Should You Consider Citizenship By Investment Programme?

There are many reasons to go for the Citizenship by Investment programme; some of them are:

  1. Citizenship by Investment means one can enjoy visa-free traveling to that country.
  2. You can enjoy facilities of the second citizenship like an accessible work permit.
  3. Citizenship by Investment offers you security and protection in times of political issues in a country.
  4. You can plan a better future for your children’s education.
  5. Citizenship allows you to purchase property in that county easily. One can enjoy the benefits of investing in the international real estate markets.
  6. Citizenship programmes can provide better tax planning for ease of business.
  7. Dual citizenship provides peace of mind, especially in times of instability.

Countries that offer Work Permit and Citizenship by Investment Programme

There are many countries with good citizenship through investment programmes. Doing good research and seeking expert advice before going for an investment programme is essential.

Here are the top programmes you, as an investor, should consider before making a final decision:

1. Portugal

Portugal is on the top for citizenship by investment programme. This country offers you citizenship for your entire family with an investment of 350 euros on its property. The visa renewal is necessary every two years. Portugal is one of the cheapest western European countries.

Benefits of Portugal’s Citizenship by Investment Programme

 Following are some benefits of Portuguese citizenship:

  • The method is relatively straightforward to implement for the case of Citizenship by Investment.
  • Its citizenship allows you to enjoy the living and working facility there.
  • Its benefits also include free traveling in the Schengen areas.
  • This citizenship provides you with an easy and accessible way to European citizenship.
  • You can also get a permit for your family through family reunification.
  • Its citizenship doesn’t make you need to stay for two months to obtain a license for citizenship. Still, the short stay requirement of around seven days per year can easily facilitate your Citizenship by Investment.
  • Portugal being the cheapest European country allows you an affordable lifestyle.
  • Its citizenship programme provides an opportunity for Investment in European countries.

Time Required to Get its Citizenship

The process of its Citizenship by Investment takes approximately six months.

Figure 2. Portugal Citizenship by Investment Programme

2. Spain

The golden visa programme in Spain gets launched in 2013. Spain’s adorable culture, next-level cuisine, and prosperous lifestyle make it the best choice for relocation. The exceptional facility of Spain investment programme doesn’t require a residency permit to renew its residence. Its residency requirements include a visit to this country once every year.

Benefits of Spanish Citizenship by Investment Programme

It would be best if you considered Spanish citizenship for several reasons like:

  • Its Citizenship by Investment programme has a fast processing time.
  • Free travel permit to Schengen areas.
  • It allows you to enjoy the residency and work benefits in Spain.
  • This program facilitates your family’s inclusion.
  • Its citizenship enables you with no stay requirement.

Which Countries Offer Work Permit Or Citizenship By Investment?

Which Countries Offer Work Permit Or Citizenship By Investment?

Figure 3. Spain CBI Programme

3. Cyprus

Its investment programme is the quickest and sure way to European citizenship. If you are thinking of getting its citizenship through an investment programme, you would need to invest 215 million euros in the property of this country.

Benefits of Cyprus Citizenship by Investment

  • The Cyprus passport gives you a work permit and helps to avail yourself of business opportunities.
  • Its citizenship facilities allow you to continue your studies at this place.
  • You can enjoy your residency in Cyprus with ease.
  • Its citizenship by Investment provides you with visa-free access to countries like Germany, the UK, and France.

Time Required for its Citizenship Approval

Citizenship by Investment in Cyprus takes around six months to complete the process after applying.

Figure 4. Cyprus CBI Programme

4. Malta

Malta is an English-speaking country. Its location is in the south of Europe with excellent business opportunities and a pleasing climate. Being the most innovative country in Europe, Malta offers a friendly tax environment.

Malta citizenship by investment scheme is primarily for people with high net worth. It’s usually known as an individual investor programme.

  • Its citizenship investment amount is 750 thousand euros. This amount will get into the National Fund Set Up by the government.
  •  Also, the investor needs to invest 150 thousand euros in the financial instrument approved by the government.
  •  Its investment programme requires purchasing or renting a property in Malta for the next five years. The property purchase value for citizenship investment should be at least 350 thousand euros.
  • Its requirements for citizenship and a maltose European passport also include residency for one year in Malta.

Its requirements for citizenship and a maltose European passport also include residency for one year in Malta.

Benefits of Malta Citizenship by Investment

  • Citizenship by Investment programme facilities you with the work permit, education, and residency here.
  • By filling its requirement for Investment, you can establish your business here.
  • It gives you the freedom to live anywhere in Malta.

However, Malta also offers a separate residence programme which is an excellent option because of its affordability.

5. Greece

The greek citizenship by Investment facilitates you with a five-year residency visa. A person with non-European citizenship above 18 can easily apply for the programme. Its investment amount is 250 thousand euros in this country’s real estate. This amount helps the investors qualify for its residency programme.

Benefits of Greece’s Citizenship by Investment Programme

  • Its investment programme facilitates the investors with a fast and easy process.
  • An investor can enjoy visa-free traveling in Schengen area countries.
  • Its investment programme gives you the permit to live in Greece
  • An investor, being a citizen, can take advantage of Greek education systems and public health.
  • Its citizenship gets easy for the investors because of its low investment requirements.
  • An investor can include his family members in the citizenship programme with ease.

Its citizenship grants you a five-year visa, and it needs renewal every five years. Its citizenship requires seven years of residency.

The Time Required for Citizenship Approval

The Greek golden visa takes around 2 to 3 months for its application process.

6. Saint Kitts And Nevis

In 1984, its citizenship programme got launched. You can call it the oldest Citizenship by Investment programme.

  • It requires the investment of around 150 thousand dollars in the Sustainable Growth Fund.
  • The other alternative of its investment is 400 thousand dollars in the real estate of this country.

Its citizenship investment gives the facility to live, study and work there.

The Time Required for the Citizenship Process

Getting approval for its citizenship programme takes around 3 to 6 months.

7. Antigua And Barbuda

Its Citizenship by Investment provides economic passports to the investors. There are different investment options for investors.

  • Investors may invest 100 thousand dollars in the Antigua National Development Fund.
  • Alternatively, they can invest one million five hundred thousand dollars for a business establishment.
  • They may also invest 400 thousand dollars in the real estate projects approved by the government. One can reduce the amount to 200 thousand dollars, especially for connected investors.

Benefits of Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment

  • Its investment programmes facilitate investors with visa-free traveling in 150 countries, including Schengen areas.
  • Its residency requirement is only five days per year.

Time Required for Citizenship and Passport Issue

The time for its Citizenship by Investment requires only four to six months for approval.

8. Dominica

Investors can avail of Citizenship by Investing in Dominica through two simple options.

  • One is an economic contribution to visa programmes approved by the government.
  • The second is the real estate investment that has been available since January 2015. Its requirements include a minimum investment threshold of around 100 thousand dollars.

However, getting citizenship without residency in this country is not possible. The holders of Dominican passports can enjoy travel to 140 countries, including the UK and the Schengen zone.

Time Required for Passport

The Dominican passport is the most economical one. It requires a time of around three months for approval after the application.

Figure 6. Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme

Wrapping Up

In the last couple of years, the demand for citizenship programmes gets elevated worldwide. However, not all the programmes are economical for investors. But still, citizenship programmes in different countries are highly beneficial to investors. A good investment amount can ease the process of citizenship by investment programme.

This way, you can enjoy citizenship in countries with low crime rates, sound healthcare systems, and political stability. We hope you get the idea of citizenship programmes that different countries offer. The countries mentioned above are highly acceptable for citizenship programmes. It gathers individuals of high net worth all around the globe.

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