Vanuatu citizenship is the best option for crypto investors

Besides the advantage of tax-free status for citizens, Vanuatu offers excellent investment programs. The Vanuatu citizenship by investment program is a perfect opportunity for crypto investors. Vanuatu launched this program in January 2017.

This program provides the best chance for the circulation of cryptocurrency. The incredible thing is that Vanuatu citizenship gets approved pretty quickly compared to the many Caribbean islands. Vanuatu currently provides two types of citizenship through programs.

  • Vanuatu Development Support Program
  • Vanuatu Citizenship Program

Vanuatu is located near Brisbane in Australia, comprising more than 80 islands. There is no doubt that Vanuatu is a fantastic place. Other than for crypto investors, Vanuatu is the best option for holidays and vacations. It’s because of its paradise landscape, beautiful beaches, and mesmerizing tropical areas.

Bitcoins And Cryptocurrencies

In the cryptocurrency area, many countries are becoming more crypt-friendly. That’s why investors can finally rejoice, and many countries provide budding investment opportunities in crypto assets. Vanuatu is one of them. The crypto used in Vanuatu is because of new legislation passed in 2021: Citizenship By Investment.

Figure 1. Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency

Vanuatu CBI Program

You can get a second passport and citizenship for yourself and your family through investment. It is what you can call a Citizenship by Investment Program. However, many countries have CBI programs, including pros and cons.

Vanuatu helps the investors get their passports two months after submitting their application. All this requires a non-refundable contribution from the investors. These funds will help Vanuatu with better infrastructure and economic development.

Why Should Investors Consider Citizenship In Vanuatu?

The Vanuatu citizenship program is highly beneficial for crypto investors for several reasons.

  • The Vanuatu passport offers security to the investor while having a plan B for unpredictable life.
  • Investors can also invest in diversified assets. Alongside digital assets, investors can make a diversified portfolio by investing in real estate. The RCBI-qualified real estate is an excellent opportunity in this regard.
  •  Citizenship allows you and your family to have a gorgeous island on holiday. In a nutshell, being a Vanuatu citizen truly broadens your horizons.
Figure 2. Importance of Vanuatu citizenship

Advantages of Vanuatu Citizenship

Do you ever think of visa-free traveling to different countries like the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong? Vanuatu Citizen facilitates your traveling opportunities in these countries. Its citizenship also provides you with an e-visa to New Zealand and Australia.

If you want to get citizenship in other countries or areas, it may take around 6 to 8 months. But Vanuatu citizenship has a different case scenario. Its quick approval for citizenship makes it unique from other citizenship processes.

 Its citizenship takes around 45 to 60 days to complete. Vanuatu citizenship also facilitates you with tax-free status. Vanuatu has no

  • Income Tax
  • Wealth tax
  • Capital gain Tax
  • Inheritance tax

Suppose you already have citizenship in a country. Vanuatu will not make an issue with it. It doesn’t make any issue with second citizenship.

Thinking of residence in Vanuatu can be a good option. Vanuatu provides you with minimum stay requirements. Through Vanuatu’s Commonwealth of Nations Membership, you can efficiently work and live anywhere in the CARICOM region.

Being a businessman, its perfect geographical location in the South Pacific can be ideal for you.

After the primary application grant for citizenship, you can also add another family member. Your family, children, and parents can apply with a single application.

Tax Benefits of Vanuatu Citizenship

Being on low tax status, Vanuatu helps its citizens with wealth planning and asset protection.

  • Vanuatu’s income rate is zero percent
  • Its investment income tax rate is also zero
  • Vanuatu takes no tax on property
  • The inheritance tax value is 0%
  • Net worth tax in Vanuatu is nil
  • Capital gains tax rates are zero percent in Vanuatu
  • Zero percent defenders and interests

In contrast, Russians get an income tax rate of 13% on crypto transactions.

Figure 3. Tax benefits

Benefits For Crypto Investors

Vanuatu’s citizenship is also highly advantageous for the people who dabble in crypto assets. The government enacted legislation that makes owning crypto assets on this island easy, efficient, and secure. Let’s take a look at Vanuatu’s advantages for crypto enthusiasts.

1. Accessible To Own Digital Assets

Vanuatu always welcomes owning crypto assets. As a bitcoin trader, you can own commodities, debentures, land, and shares in the form of digital assets.

2. Hold On To Digital Accounts

The digital asset owners can easily hold digital accounts in cryptocurrencies like bitcoins. The new legislation helps to make:

  • Distribution of digital assets
  • Reselling of bitcoins
  • Offer custody services.

As a bitcoin investor, you don’t need to pay any income for cryptocurrency transactions.

3. Legitimize Your Digital Assets

Not all countries facilitate you in business with cryptocurrency. Finding a country which progressive and recognizes digital assets is a good solution. Therefore, Vanuatu is an excellent option.

Acquiring its citizenship and residency can boost your crypto investment to the next level. A crypt trader can easily register his company in Vanuatu. Investors staying in Vanuatu for more than 180 days a year can become tax residents.

In 2021, Financial Dealer Licensing in Vanuatu will facilitate your issuance of an additional class of licenses. This licensing provides you with class D for digital asset trade. The digital asset is The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). Any token in the binary form either represents the

  • Holder’s access right to the service
  • Ownership of an asset

In this respect, a digital asset comprises the digital representation value, which:

  • Investors use it as a medium of exchange or store of value, but it’s not a legal tender. However, it has domination in legal tender.
  • Shows assets as the debt or equity for the company promotion.
  • It provides investors access to blockchain applications, services, and products.

With this new licensing and law, Vanuatu provides a great advantage to crypto investors worldwide. The investor has the legitimacy of the fastest citizenship approval in the world. Vanuatu Citizenship programs take around 5 to 10 days for FIU approval.

Figure 4. Benefits for crypto investors

How Does Vanuatu Citizenship Help Early Investors?

Applicants wishing to invest in crypto can take the advantages like:

  • Being a crypto investor, you can clear your payment for citizens with crypto, such as Bitcoin. Fewer volatility coins are also acceptable on case to case base.
  • Crypto asset holders in Vanuatu are open to holding large capital reservations. Financial Trusts in Vanuatu helps in this case.
  • Crypto investors can open high-frequency accounts for trades. They can open these accounts under Financial Dealer License Category D.
  • Investors can easily open offshore Bank accounts. The remote process for this purpose is also feasible.
  • Vanuatu citizenship facilitates the crypto investors for National ID, Birth registration, and Police clearance certificates.

  You don’t necessarily need Vanuatu currency for capital reserves. Vanuatu helps the investors hold capital reserves in foreign currencies. This condition is also feasible for large capital reserves.

Figure 5. Benefits for early investors

ICO Investment Advantage For Crypto Investors

The cryptocurrencies versions of IPOs are the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). They offer significant advantages to early investors. Investors can avail the benefits even if these are banned in their countries.

Further, Vanuatu Citizenship is an excellent option for crypto traders as Vanuatu is progressive with the crypto regulations. With second citizenship, you can free yourself from the risk of government scrutiny over your digital assets.

Participation In Vanuatu Citizenship Programs

Vanuatu gave access to the participants for payment in cryptocurrency. But in reality, the investor needs to sell the cryptocurrency and pays the participants in US dollars.

Help in Legality of Income

The participants can take help from digital assets in several ways, Like:

  • Provide support to prove the Legality of income
  • Provide money for investment

The Document work can be more accessible if a licensed agent manages your digital assets. But there is a condition that the Government of Vanuatu should license the agent.

Figure 6. Vanuatu citizenship program

Required Documents For Vanuatu Citizenship

For enjoying the facilities of Vanuatu citizenship; the following documents can help you :

  • A completed application form for citizenship
  • A valid copy of the passport
  • Verified copy of your Nation ID card
  • Marriage certificate, if married
  • Police Clearance
  • Passport-sized colored photographs
  • Vanuatu due diligence check
  • Medical certificate proving you are physically fit
  • Personal profile comprising your curriculum and employment history
  • Bank statements to prove that you have required funding

Vanuatu Citizenship Cost

Vanuatu facilitates well-settled people to enjoy the traveling of 135 countries. To participate in the citizenship, investors should give $130000 or more to the Vanuatu government fund.

Figure 7. Vanuatu citizenship

Wrapping Up

The Vanuatu citizenship program is perfect for you if you love to travel freely worldwide and hold crypto assets. Further, bitcoin investors can easily find growth opportunities through its citizenship as Vanuatu is a more crypto-focused country. While the Vanuatu citizenship program is not a cheap option, it’s the easiest way to get citizenship with minimum investor requirements. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that its citizenship is a golden opportunity for crypto enthusiasts.

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