Crypto-Friendly Countries to Acquire Residency

With the initial cryptocurrency surge, there was nothing but uncertainty all around. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. Not only purchasing through crypto is now accepted and favoured, but, to your surprise, so is real estate and citizenship acquisition. This has paved the way for the establishment of crypto-friendly nations. The list of these is now expanding like never before.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with everything there is to know:

What is Cryptocurrency?

Crypto, the digital world’s most enormous excellence, is an integral part of an extended blockchain. The system comprises a digital batch wherein information is stored in electronic form that provides a high level of protection. It makes it impossible to replicate but simultaneously allows payment, purchase, or deduction with a few clicks. Crypto, in most regions, is now regarded as property similar to real estate.

The Crypto Instabilities

Due to decentralized regulation, the worth enormously depends on the demand vs purchase ratio. So amidst the rising inflation, the impending recession, and the after-effects of the pandemic, the crypto demand is suffering and declining while the sales are rising. This explains why there are so many recent value declines. However, this is just one side of the story; just as the storm calms down, the demand would ascend, and so would the worth. Perhaps the time is not too far.

So whilst the wait, it’s high time to grab it as the perfect buying opportunity as the upcoming benefits would amaze you for sure, and one of the favoured ones would be the residency program.

What is the Most Well-known Cryptocurrency?

As of today, the following are the most renowned and valuable cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin- The one with universal acceptance and with a market capitalization of more than 370 billion US dollars
  • Ethereum- The currency closely follows Bitcoin and is getting marked acceptance with a market capitalization of more than 128 billion US dollars.
  • Litecoin- This is considered to be an emerging Bitcoin competitor.
  • Binance coin- The ultimate gem is thought to have enormous potential.
  • Tether- Being the least in volatility and maximal instability, its initial sales have broken records of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Ripple- The most economical currency with the slightest fee and the quickest trade activity log.

What exactly is a Crypto-friendly Nation?

The criteria for defining this are simple. You can easily determine this by the “LEA” rule:

  • Legality is defined in terms of rules governing the use of currency, tax policies and exemption, and exchange facilitation.
  • Ease-  whether or not transactions are facilitated, and banks are involved in supplying and sales.
  • Acceptance is determined by the acceptability of everyday purchases, real estate, and citizenship policies.

So, any country with these traits is considered crypto-friendly and worthwhile for crypto enthusiasts.

Top Ten Cryptocurrency-Friendly Countries with Residency Offers

The advancement of technology has paved the way for its adoption by many, opening the door for competitive property acquisition using cryptocurrency.


If you like crypto, this is the ultimate heavenly place. There is no better place to use your cryptocurrency as it provides the maximum tax-free crypto regulations. Additionally, no fee is associated with its possession, exchange, or even sales, and the capital is acquired through the profits. Furthermore, you can obtain Portugal residency by investing in cryptocurrency in as little as 5 years. The residency options are diverse and include:

  • D7 visa for Portugal
  • The Golden Visa

Whatever the choice is, the best way to follow this roadmap is to invest in real estate, which can also be done in exchange for Bitcoins.


It aims to attract all engagement by becoming another highly appealing destination with a crypto tax exemption. It has indeed become a leading crypto hub with the official legal declaration and use for a long time. However, no permanent residency is available through investment, so you would still need to obtain a temporary one as the road to the world’s first “Bitcoin City” is on the way. In turn, it would provide endless opportunities to crypto lovers.


This is the country with the most advanced crypto transactions. Additionally, unlike others, real estate purchases can be made in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other currencies. So, whether it’s a mansion, a plot of land, or a full-fledged apartment, you can buy it with crypto. In a nutshell, no difference now lies between crypto and cash transactions. With the ever-increasing standard of living, the beautiful nature, and the low tax policy, you should start saving for your Montenegro Passport right away!

Saint Kitts and Nevis

The beauty of the dual island, the diversity of culture, and a good amount of effective regulations were once the appeal. However, the crypto advancement has taken over and is cited by many as the reason for Saint Kitts and Nevis’s citizenship. These not only conserve and protect crypto assets but have also legalized the currency, making almost any purchase possible. However, nothing beats Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment, particularly with cryptocurrency, for the ultimate lifelong security.

El Salvador

The state in Central America, with its immediate and seamless acceptance of Bitcoin, has risen to the top of the list and is now on track to become the ultimate crypto heaven. It has elegantly declared cryptocurrency complementary to the nation’s official currency. So, in addition to allowing purchases, tax payments, and real estate investment, the country has officially declared that crypto entrepreneurs will be granted immediate residency, which is an unbelievable deal.


Panama’s adaptation and path to cryptocurrency are accelerating with each passing moment. Even the nation’s largest banks are beginning to accept and deal in cryptocurrency. The best part is that it isn’t just Bitcoin that has widespread acceptance; there is a list of eight other currencies that can be traded even for simple everyday purchases. You can obtain residency in this region with as little as a $20,000 investment and a small duration of five years. However, you must first seek whether the country of your belonging is eligible for this visa or not.


Vanuatu is the first country to provide bitcoin residency. The living itself can be a blessing as it opens countless doors to visa-free travel destinations. It is also renowned for its next-level crypto asset protection. The only thing to remember before applying is that you must have a Bitcoin amount equivalent to approximately 250,000 US Dollars. In turn, it would put you in the 5-year duration eligibility criteria. Following that, you can trade, live, or enjoy yourself.

Antigua and Barbuda

With a startup investment of as low as $100,000, this country offers a total tax exemption on worldwide income. It is a meaningful exchange for a powerful Antigua passport. You can easily apply for residency through crypto by investing in a development fund or real estate. Be assured that it’s one of the most straightforward crypto routes due to its quick processing time and minimal requirements.


The country is developing not only in terms of infrastructure but also in terms of technological advancement. As a result, it has embraced and welcomed residency through investment, particularly in cryptocurrency. However, Bitcoin is the only coin that is accepted. With complete restriction exemption from Bitcoin trade, mining, and investing, it is rapidly emerging as a leading Bitcoin Friendly venue.


Singapore is unique and appealing regarding cryptocurrency legality, business, and taxation. It has even enabled the purchase of cryptocurrency in exchange for cash from ATMs and some central banks. This explains why over 550 thousand Singaporeans have already invested in it. As a result, it is not unreasonable to consider it the next crypto hub. Singapore also allows property investment through this blockchain technology.

The Main Benefits of Obtaining Citizenship with Crypto

  • Liberty of crypto trade which is not possible in developing nations
  • Tax exemption which is a great deal
  • Exchange rate depreciation protection, you get freedom from fluctuations
  • Getting an effective foreign passport
  • Your investments gain safety and security


The crux of the debate is that in all cases, as funding stores and technological advances reach new heights, so will normalcy in crypto passport and residency purchases. However, it may be too late to apply as there will be saturation everywhere, as will the value surges.

Since cryptocurrency is a world unto itself, with infinite possibilities, there is no doubt that it will gain universal acceptance sooner or later. As a result, it is prudent to have this asset to back you up. With the current value plunge, it indeed might be the perfect time to try your luck and thank us for this later!

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